Friday, October 21, 2005

'Cause we're all Gods children

The titles are getting even more strained now, but this is still a song lyric so I'm not doing too badly.

I was walking down Smithdown Road the other day and passed one of those church billboards that display various gospel messages against a lurid fluorescent background. This one was different though, and despite the fact that I was too far away to know what the writing said I was strangely drawn to it and crossed the road to investigate further.

on it was the opening of Psalm 19 and for some reason, in a very cheesy cliche Christian sense, it just seemed really true. So I decided to share it with anyone who happens to read my blog.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands"

Wouldn't it be great to remember this passage next time we look out of the window and complain that its raining and cold and miserable. It's an amazing blessing from God that we're here at all so lets rejoice and give him the praise he deserves!

And now for the shameless plug now that I have everyones attention.

"24/7 Prayer!"

I can't help feeling that there is a lack of prayer around at the moment. I know everyone has work to do and even within Christian circles we have meetings to plan and events to co-ordinate and run but - in a similar theme to the verse above - its only by God's grace and blessing that any of these things can happen, let alone be a success.

So, please consider calling in a the Anglican Chaplaincy for this week of God centered prayer and I pray that we all come out of it with a renewed enthusiasm and passion for prayer.


B.J. said...

Well Magnum, I feel privileged to be one of the select few who know about your newfound blog. May you blog happily and merrily in the years to come.

Ditto on the prayer movement. I'm gonna try hard to join 24/7 prayer this year (especially now that I actually know about it, as opposed to finding out about it after the event). Which week is it on again?

ernie said...

wahoo for prayer! i am SO excited about the 24/7 prayer week! your blog was indeed found on BJ's... sorry for randomly reading but surely thats what these things are for?! and indeed, it is either or revision... you won!

i believe i met you in the carnibar the other night and i didn't believe you that your name was magnum, which it wasn't... so i was very perceptive!!

hope we shall get to know each other better soon enough, when i get round to remembering names and recognising people...

God bless, Rachel x

Burrell said...

Hey Maggers, well C.U is on right now sure they're plugging 24/7 like... well, international mission really. hope you learned lots, i just learned that Kim Wilde and her family regularly shop at Holland and Barrets, which is nicem let me know about 24/7 prayer if you need me any time. God Bless you mags