Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm oh so happy, so glad to be alive

I nearly killed a small child today.

Having told this story to KC I was told I had to begin my blog with that opening.
Well I have to say that since returning from house party I am in a remarkably relaxed happy feeling. I was challenged along with many others to review my priorities and more importantly God’s priorities and I feel that I am getting a clearer understanding of what God wants me to be doing. I thought I was passionate about evangelism before but now I know I am. I will finish by saying that yesterday was our halls “go-week” event and at about twenty after nine, Rick and I went to talk to a guy. We were cautiously worried having been warned that he may throw a buddha at us, but he was actually a nice guy! He was open and actually interested in what we were saying and despite an obvious desire not to be converted by what we were saying it was good to talk to him for a while. And when I say a while, by the time we got done talking it was about eleven and I was feeling very tired, but very happy.

p.s. I didn’t kill the child – she ran in front of my bike but I managed to stop without hitting it!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is Captain America Calling

Well finally the day of thanksgiving is upon us and in my quest to avoid becoming Americanised I am failing miserably. I have therefore decided, in a true British way, to pretend it isn't happening and hope that i'm not too Americanised when i go home at christmas. Try as I might to be British and Ignorant of thanksgiving I took the suggested quiz by KC and well see my score below, but I swear I guessed at some of them!

And so today I stand, a former typically awkward Englishman who is celebrating Thanksgiving, knows the words to "star spangled banner" and can recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" (anybody remember July 4th in Russia?)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Because the summer's all gone

No todays title is not in reference to the recent weather, although having been thoroughly soaked several times over the last few days i was seriously tempted to post critising the weather of this country.

Though the summer may be gone for this year there is always next year and with summer there is also . . .summer project!!! Yes these exciting evangelical extravaganza's will be back so i will take this opportunity to encourage everybody who is . . .actually no just everbody to consider going on a project. They are absolutely amazing times when you can learn so much about yourself and about God and his will for your life.

Failing that you can always get to know the Agape team in Liverpool and evangelise here in this very city!

"Students have begun to catch the vision for reaching their campus with the gospel and a desire to multiply their lives" say Ryan Hawkins, who has stepped up to lead this years team. "The most exciting thing has been seeing believers get to grips with what making disciples really means"

In other news, summer projects 05 beloved football team Zenit St Petersburg lost 1-0 to Bolton last night. Hopefully though we will all still be wearing those shirts with pride (we paid at least 4 pounds for them!!)

And finally, having gone to the doctors for about the zillienth time in recent months i was told they had screwed up my appointment and couldn't change my dressing, despite the fact that they also told me it needed changing. As a nurse (who couldn't help me, but could apparantly spend 10 minutes telling me why she couldnt help me without an appointment) explained that it needed doing, but they couldn't do it, i decided to make my point by saying "oh give me the dressing, i'll do it myself!"

And so i now find myself sitting here, with a dressing on the desk next to me wondering why oh why i made such a foolish offer? fortunately living opposite a staff nurse and church worker has its advantages! Thanks Kath (in advance)