Monday, February 21, 2011

There ain't time to read it?

Scandalous: The cross and Resurrection of Jesus (D. A. Carson)

“Nothing is more central to the bible than Jesus’ death and resurrection, over one weekend in Jerusalem about two thousand years ago.”

It is from this opening statement that Don Carson examines various passages of the bible seeking not only to show the reader that they are historical fact but also that they have hugely important meaning, one that is important for us to understand.

Moving through passages from Matthew (27), Romans (3), Revelation (12) and John (11 & 20) Carson deals with the necessity, effect and triumph of the Cross and how it should affect our lives as well as the Ironies of the cross and reasons for doubting the resurrection, the latter of these especially helpful to see what exactly doubt is and what causes it. With useful digressions into Millennialism, Propitiation, Evangelism and Forgiveness it is hard to imagine anyone not gaining from the insight Carson offers.   

Taking what was originally a series of expositions at a conference Carson explains the meaning of the death and resurrection in a straightforward and accessible way to aid both the non-Christian and the Christian to see beyond the surface level of the most pivotal event in human history.

PS - I have returned to Kinks song lyrics as titles, but I hope you will find the time to read it!

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