Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm oh so happy, so glad to be alive

I nearly killed a small child today.

Having told this story to KC I was told I had to begin my blog with that opening.
Well I have to say that since returning from house party I am in a remarkably relaxed happy feeling. I was challenged along with many others to review my priorities and more importantly God’s priorities and I feel that I am getting a clearer understanding of what God wants me to be doing. I thought I was passionate about evangelism before but now I know I am. I will finish by saying that yesterday was our halls “go-week” event and at about twenty after nine, Rick and I went to talk to a guy. We were cautiously worried having been warned that he may throw a buddha at us, but he was actually a nice guy! He was open and actually interested in what we were saying and despite an obvious desire not to be converted by what we were saying it was good to talk to him for a while. And when I say a while, by the time we got done talking it was about eleven and I was feeling very tired, but very happy.

p.s. I didn’t kill the child – she ran in front of my bike but I managed to stop without hitting it!


Anonymous said...

"I thought I was passionate about evangelism before but now I know I am."
Good for you!It's great when you know whay God wants.No doubts,you're blessed!

Brittney said...

i love how you called the little girl, "it."


Rich said...

Thought i'd post maggers... Love the links.. And you appear to be more American than me. Wow. Ha

Laters innitt...