Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is Captain America Calling

Well finally the day of thanksgiving is upon us and in my quest to avoid becoming Americanised I am failing miserably. I have therefore decided, in a true British way, to pretend it isn't happening and hope that i'm not too Americanised when i go home at christmas. Try as I might to be British and Ignorant of thanksgiving I took the suggested quiz by KC and well see my score below, but I swear I guessed at some of them!

And so today I stand, a former typically awkward Englishman who is celebrating Thanksgiving, knows the words to "star spangled banner" and can recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" (anybody remember July 4th in Russia?)


Burrell said...

Yes Magnum I do remember, I remember the tears running down my face and the feeling of betrayal by my room mate... but I survived... how long was that before we went to throw rocks at seagulls to find out if they were mystery meat? and no one has asked me if I saw the sunrise in Russia yet, that sure showed Fawn and Jena...

Anonymous said...

Oh,yes!It cant be forgotten!!!:)It was a great performance!So I haven't cought ,who are you? american or British or..citizen of the World?:)
Olga(the participant of the English Camp Project)