Monday, December 12, 2005

It's really good to see you rocking out and having fun

Well, its been an eventful few weeks since my last post and if it were not for my own incompetence I would have some entertaining and amusing pictures to post. However I have not yet managed to get them from my camara to the computer so todays post will be "text-only"

As the title may suggest not only am I having a great time at the moment I'm now even enjoying seeing other people having fun. Recent events including an open mic night, carol service and international christmas events have given me that feeling inside usually only read about in books. I've sort of had the time to take a step back and watch everyone else and think, isn't life great?

And then following on from that observation I've had the chance in my quiet times to relect on who makes life so great. If it wasn't for God's amazing gifts to us we wouldn't even be alive, never mind enjoying singing, playing football, dancing and all the other great things we do! With the situations in other countries and regions of the world at the moment it makes me realise just how priveledged I am to live where I do and I hope that I never take that for granted.

Anyway, future events for my 3 readers to note!

Mossley Hill carol service, tonight, 7:30pm

Is the Bible Valid? - Lunchbar, Mountford Hall, Thursday, 1pm

and for all those who I don't see again before the big day (though I suspect there may be an early morning post on the 25th)

Merry Christmas!


Nghia James Brown Room said...

Merry christmas magnum

will see you before the new year breaks

Burrell said...

The one with the accent? I don't get it? i speak properly right? It's all you lot that have the dodgy sounding accents, at least i'm not from Essex

Burrell said...

Happy new year by the way mags

Andy said...

Do come along Magnum, another post would be marvellous.

Rich said...

Yes maggers. Post please. Listen to your elders... ;-)