Wednesday, March 01, 2006

That's why I remain yours truly, confused N10

O.K.... . .I'm gonna post today purely to avoid the continual barracking of "when are you going to update your blog?", despite the fact that I don't have a whole lot to say.
The title of my post today comes from a song on the new album by Ray Davies, a man who I talk about continually as the greatest songwriter in the world, period. His new solo album came out last week and debuted on chart at number 36, not bad for a dude in his sixties most famous in THE sixties!
Anyhow, it also makes a good title for my post as yesterday after having been up and working on my dissertation project for far too many hours straight, I attempted to leave a message as my msn sign in name asking for prayer for a meeting with my supervisor. It was only when I returned to this message after the meeting and some coffee that I realised it made no sense at all, it read

"please pray for me, dissertation dude at 3, work is hard, lost in santa fe, ants everywhere!"

If anyone can guess as to what that message means (imagine you read it on msn yesterday) please do let me know.

until then, I remain yours truly, confused, N10


Andy said...

Haha. Good work Magnum. I'm not going to guess, because I talked to you yesterday and feel I have a slightly unfair advantage.

ernie said...

i remember something about ants and santa fe and something to do with computer programming, oh and dammit i havent a clue what it was but i definately remember talking to you about it!

well done on the post, and i hope the meeting went okay despite lots of confused prayers...

Rachel x

Mr. Iain Freeman BSc (Hons) said...

Strang, noone bug me about my blog.

But anyway cool Blog, ray Davis is a legend