Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You even mystify me by the way you talk

This blog is based on a real conversation this lunchtime; only the names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

What follows is a series of quotes that I found particularly amusing

Cathy: I asked for tap water at the cafĂ© and they wouldn’t give it me
Magnum: Why didn’t you try the bar?
(points to bar the length of the room about 20 yards away)
Cathy: Ah

On viewing a picture that looked strangely like herself (mainly because it was)
Cathy: It can’t be me, I don’t own that top!

On feeling a banana to see if it was soft
Cathy: I could do an obstetrics test to see which way the baby is
Magnum: You do know that’s a banana?
Cathy: Sorry, I’ve been doing obstetrics for too long, everything feels like a foetus
Magnum: And we’re done with the muffin (which up till that point I had been enjoying)

Disclaimer: The more astute amongst you will have realised that, in fact, the names were not changed at all.

I also include news of a legalise cannabis march in London last week. According to one member, it started as a march but ended up as more of a wander! And of course the times managed to run with the headline that the turnout for the march was High!


ernie said...

as a witness to all of the above conversations, i was also amused.

however i feel your urgency to explain the STD comment in ur blog was rather under stated magnum!! funny evening that was...

Cathy said...

This is perhaps the kind of post that I should not dignify with a response; however, that very sense of dignity compels me to do exactly that.

When you hold a conversation or any verbal exchange with someone (readers please note Magnum and I were not the only partakers in the posted farce of a conversation), you imply your trust in those present to treat what you say with the appropriate discretion.

If you intend, Magnum, to continue taking what I say so libellously out of context, thus shaming me before your readers, or indeed if you express no remorse for having done so, thereby implying your intention to repeat this offence, I shall be taking steps to avoid further defamation of my character.

I must define; using my quotations to make me look stupid (e.g. the first two quotes and the last one) is absolutely fine, quite amusing in fact, as I purpose. But as for the decontextualised "STD" line, I'd advise you to be very careful in future. I am protective of my dignity and sensitive to this kind of implication. And yeah, I am being serious.

Readers please check my blog where there will in due course be a post giving a more balanced view of the wonderful night which was the murder mystery party.

Magnum PI said...

After reveiwing the comments posted on this blog the management of Magnum PLC has decided to withdraw the comments relating to blood tests. We apologise for any offence caused